TAZMANICS (Psycore/Psychedelic) – CH

Tazmanics (Beni K.) was born in 1982, in the middle of Switzerland. His Intrest in Dj-ing started when he was 16 years old. He bought 2 mk2 Turntable and went every week to the Record Store to obtain new sound. The first Vinyls he bought were Trance and Techno. He started to learn by himself to mix and perfect his mixing Skills. With 18 years he had his first Performence in the Swiss Club Techno Szene. After 2 years playing on Techno Partys, he needed a change in his Career. He found Psytrance and his first Label Mythos Prod., also he switchted to Cd Decks. During this time he played Psytrance and Psychedelic on many Partys and Festivals in Swiss and Europa. 2008 he found a new love , Darkpsy and Hitech.2011 he began to go his own ways. He began to organize Partys in Switzerland under the Name Independent Empire. During this time he fixed his Place in the Swiss Darkpsy and Hitech Szene until now. 2014 he start to produce his own music whit influences of darkpsy, experimental and psycore.
Together with Interaural Rec. he grows up to a International Musican. And now 2017 for the fist time he goes to Central Amerika, Masters of Puppets and Summer Never End Festival in one tour.