Yaminahua 2

YAMINAHUA (Experimental/Psychedelic) – CH

Lukas H. was born 1985 in Buenos Aires.
He made a lot of experiences with music in his young days.
When he was 13 years old he started playing Percussion (Tambourine, Drums)
In the year 2000, He had his first contact with electronic Music.
He started mixing DnB & Psytrance. In 2002, He started his education for „Audio Engineer“ at the SAE School in Zürich. In the year 2006, he released his first Debut Album with a friend in coorperation with the Music & Fashion Label „Shaman Electro Records“  from Bali/Indonesia. It was called: „Vibracoustic-Dark Skies“

In 2008, Lukas arranged his solo Project „Yaminahua“.
High Quality is an important point for Lukas` Music. This is why his music is very elaborated, multifaceted and directly. It`s a journey througt the body and soul.